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My Audio Updates
Here you will find audio clips about important events that have taken place during the current and past Legislative Sessions.
McGinnis Participates in Update to Pennsylvania’s Pension Debt Clock - 1/24/2017
Lawmakers and pension reform activists held a news conference Tuesday marking a recalibration of the Pennsylvania Pension Debt Clock, which was unveiled a year ago in the state capitol. The debt clock reports every second of the growing and enormous pension liability that is being imposed on state taxpayers. The new debt figure is over $70 billion, an amount that has grown from last February by nearly $30 million a day. Rep. John McGinnis (R-Blair) spoke at the event and called for legislative action to put a new pension payment schedule in place that will help the Commonwealth meet its financial obligations to the troubled public employee retirement systems.
Rep. McGinnis Comments on Governor’s Budget Address - 2/9/2016
House lawmakers offered their reactions to Gov. Tom Wolf’s spending proposal for fiscal year 2016-17, which he announced today in an address before a joint session of the General Assembly. The governor’s budget plan would increase taxes on working Pennsylvanians and employers by $3.6 billion and spending by 10 percent, or $3 billion, and calls for $33.3 billion in total spending. To support his proposed spending plan the governor has proposed 15 new tax increases, including a retroactive increase in the Personal Income Tax on Pennsylvania workers.
Rep. McGinnis Comments on His Bill to Address Public Pension Issues - 5/12/2015
Legislation designed to address the unfunded liability of Pennsylvania’s State Employees and Public School Employees retirement systems was the topic of a press conference held by a bipartisan group of lawmakers in Harrisburg on Tuesday. House Bill 900 would outline a schedule by which the Commonwealth could meet its financial obligation to the troubled retirement systems. Rep. John McGinnis (R-Blair) said his bill would help the state to avoid a financial cliff that, if unaddressed, would consume more than half of the state’s revenues. From Harrisburg, Chuck Nichols reports.
McGinnis Calls for Honest Public Pension Reform in Pennsylvania - 3/4/2015
Financial reforms that do not rely on accounting gimmicks or kicking the can down the road to deal with Pennsylvania’s massive unfunded public pension liabilities is the solution offered by a group of House Republican lawmakers Wednesday in Harrisburg. Rep. John McGinnis (R-Blair) said he believes the only workable solution to the state’s pension woes is to change all future state and school employees over to a 401K system, and divert existing resources to retire the debt of the old defined benefit pension plans.
McGinnis Public Pension Reporting Bill Heads to House Floor after Committee Approval - 1/29/2014
Legislation designed to give taxpayers a complete and accurate understanding of Pennsylvania’s public pension crisis was approved this week by the House State Government Committee. Prime sponsor of House Bill 1471, Rep. John McGinnis (R-Blair) said his bill would require both the State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS) and the Public School Employees’ Retirement System to provide mark-to-market balance sheets in their annual report to ensure taxpayers get a full picture of the underfunding issue now facing the state run plans. Mike Davies reports, wrap and stand-alone bite available.
Rep. John McGinnis Comments on House Passage of Constitutional Amendments to Reduce Size of Legislature - 12/18/2013
Measures that would amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to reduce the size of both houses of the state legislature were passed by the Pennsylvania House on Tuesday. House Bills 1234 and 1716 would cut the number of State Representatives from 203 to 153 and Senators from 50 to 38. Rep. John McGinnis (R-Blair) said the people should have the final say when it comes to determining the size of state government. In order to amend the state Constitution, the bills must be passed in two consecutive legislative sessions, and subsequently be approved by voter referendum. Chuck Nichols reports, wrap and stand-alone bite available.
Rep. John McGinnis Comments on Introduction of Pension Reform Legislation - 5/8/2013
House and Senate lawmakers joined Governor Corbett this week in Harrisburg to introduce a pair of bills designed to provide significant short- and long- term relief for the underfunded State Employee Retirement System (SERS) and Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS). Rep. Chris Rep. John McGinnis (R-Blair) said the $47 billion underfunding of the pensions is a serious fiscal crisis and steps must be taken now in order for both of the systems to remain solvent. Mike Davies reports, wrap and stand alone bite available.
Rep. McGinnis Addresses Hundreds of PA Gun Owners at Second Amendment Action Day at the State Capitol - 4/23/2013
Hundreds of responsible gun owners rallied on the state Capitol steps Tuesday at the annual Second Amendment Action Day to demonstrate their commitment to preserving gun rights and moving legislation forward at the state level to render any new federal gun laws unenforceable in Pennsylvania. Rep. John McGinnis (R-Blair) addressed the crowd and said the bill introduced to preempt federal gun control measures is a straightforward effort to protect and preserve the constitutional rights of Pennsylvania citizens and the sovereignty of state government. Mike Davies reports… story and stand-alone bite are available.
Rep. John McGinnis Takes Oath as New Member of the Pennsylvania House - 1/3/2013
Newly elected members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly took the oath of office this week in a rare New Year's Day session in the state capitol. This is the first time in 22 years lawmakers have been sworn in on the holiday, as the state constitution requires the ceremony take place on the first Tuesday of a new legislative session. Rep. John McGinnis (R-Blair) said the solemn ceremony led him to reflect on the great privilege of being elected to represent so many of the citizens of the Altoona area. Mike Davies reports… story and stand-alone bite are available.